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Hanging Bubble Chair

A unique piece of furniture can change the look of any home. People no longer have to separate their "fun" furniture and their more utilitarian pieces - thanks in part to the hanging bubble chair.

They've broken down the barrier between business and pleasure.

Designers like Eero Aamio (who designed the original bubble chair in the late 60s) and Philippe Starck have created office and home furniture that's fun and ergonomically correct.

With their modern look and design possibilities, bubble chairs are a cool and stylish addition to any room. They come in smooth finishes and bright colors, too!

A hanging bubble chair offers comfortable seating, as well as sound dampening. As you sit back in one, the plastic bubble that surrounds you will muffle any noise. 

Think of a bubble chair as a way to escape it all, without leaving your home! These chairs are not only versatile and comfortable, they are easy to rearrange. Most bubble chairs have removable cushions and they swing from a chain that's attached to a hook in the ceiling.

Hanging bubble chairs are both weather resistant and lightweight, so they would be a great addition to any sunroom, porch, or patio. These bubble chairs have a built-in channel that drains water away, so they will also work well near a hot tub or a pool.


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Most hanging bubble chairs are made from polyethylene, although some are made from polypropylene, which is stiffer and more resistant to heat, scratches and chemical damage. It's also water resistant. Polyethylene is very tough, but light, and is impact resistant.


Bubble chairs made from polyethylene are great for high-traffic seating areas because the material is stain resistant, too. There are even some options for outdoor bubble chairs these days, and there are plenty of non-bubble hanging chair options as well. Some great models are highlighted in the video below.


Bubble chair installation is relatively straightforward. When you buy your hanging bubble chair, it will come with a chain and a hook. You can screw the hook into a beam in your ceiling, or anchor the hook if your ceiling is made of cement or brick. If you are unsure of how to install it correctly, there are professionals who will do the job for you.

Bubble chair models are sold in many high-end furniture stores, and they can also be bought from numerous online vendors. However, it's best to do some comparison shopping.


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You don't really know how comfortable a chair is until you sit in it - so go to the furniture store, sit in one to get a feel for it, and then you can buy the same one on the internet. With all the colors and fabric styles available, you can find a hanging bubble chair that will suit your decor.

Ever since Eero Aamio designed the first hanging bubble chair in Finland in 1968, these stylish and innovative chairs have been turning heads. If you want to add a modern, sophisticated touch to your living room or any other room, consider adding a hanging bubble chair. It will be the favorite "spot" for everyone in the house!

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